Code: SCH1299-ABCD

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  • Product Class

    Brush Pile Seals

  • Family product

    Flex Brush

  • Application Material

    Aluminium, Timber

  • Colours/Finishes

    ~ Ral 9005 black
    ~ Ral 7045 grey

Extruded square base for sealing of revolving doors, escalators, garage doors or industrial doors. Monofilament yarn available in Polypropylene. Polyamide 6 required special conditions for minimum order quantities, lead time and price. Other base shapes and dimensions are available upon request.

Technical specification

Main Seal MaterialPolyamide, Polypropylene
Seal ApplicationWindows, Window Covering Products, Entry Doors
Seal Fitting TypePocket Slot
Seal baseExtruded base
Seal gap min (mm)10.00
Seal gap max (mm)50.00
Groove width min (mm)3.00
Groove width max (mm)4.50
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