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Security sash It is available in two versions depending on the position of the arms that can be with horizontal or vertical closing. With the security sash kit, the sash can be opened a limited distance (between 130 and 260 mm depending on the arm adjustment) with the cremone handle turned through 90° and fully opened with the cremone turned through 180°. The kit is to be in addition to the Prima Key Capture cremone or Prima Key Logica window handle (along with the mechanism M180) and the Bridge 2, Flash XL, Flash XXL, Linea 3D type hinges depending on the size and load capacity of the casement. Using Prima Key mechanisms you can inhibit full opening of the sash, retaining only the emergency exit. Futura HP bottom-hung window The bottom-hung window requires a one-way cremone or a window handle, with or without a key, to which should be added the 90° locking component (art. 02235 for the cremone and a polyamide rod block for the window handle) because the mechanism must be limited to 90°. The number of Bridge 2 type hinges required depends on the width and the weight of the casement.


Hardware kit for making two different types of casement: - Side-hung security sash (with cremone at 0° sash closed, at 90° partly open and at 180° fully open) with the arms positioned on the beams; - Heavy bottom-hung window with load capacity up to 250 kg and perimetral closing.


Strikers, connection elements, incorrect movement striker, drive rod, slider, stop plate, drives and clips in zamak with GS Silver Plus finish (up to 500 h of corrosion resistance). Striker and lifting element, incorrect movement safety device shims, adjustment shims and supporting plug in polyamide. Screws, grub screws, additional arm and spring for arm in stainless steel. Striker and microventilation device in zamak with GS Silver Plus finish (up to 500 h corrosion resistance).

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Grouped product items
SKUProduct NameCross-section typeSash range [mm]Bottom-hung window range [mm]Y [mm] Limited sash openingCheck Comp.
01174KSAFETY VERTICAL WING MECHANISM FUTURAC001-C002-C003-C004-C005-C006-C012-C011-C012-C013-C014-C015-C016-C017L 800 ÷ 1500 H 650 ÷ 2500-110÷140
01175KSAFETY HORIZONAL WING MECHANISM FUTURAC001-C002-C003-C004-C005-C006-C012-C011-C012-C013-C014-C015-C016-C017W 452 ÷ 1500 H 510 ÷ 2500W 780 ÷ 2500 H 600 ÷ 3000130÷260
01207SAFETY HORIZONTAL WING MECH.FUTURAC007L 480 ÷ 1500 H 510 ÷ 2500W 780 ÷ 2500 H 600 ÷ 3000130÷260
01210SAFETY HORIZONTAL WING MECHANISM FUTURAC001-C002-C003-C004-C005-C006-C012-C011-C012-C013-C014-C015-C016-C017L 397 ÷ 1500 H 510 ÷ 2500-92÷152