CDM 30

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    CDM 30

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    Windows, Facades

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  • Colours/Finishes

    ~ Ral 9005 Black
    Pure white 9010
    ~ Ral 1013 Pearl white
    ~ Ral 9010 White
    ~ Ral 9003 Bright white
    ~ Ral 1015 Clear avory
    ~ Ral 8019 Mat brown
    Neutral/Stainless steel/Nylon

Technical Characteristics

The manual bottom-hung opening CDM30 is formed by: - control for bottom-hung windows including manual lever, main scissor and chain corner drive; - transmission rod; - casing; The scissor of the CDM30 control allows the maximum opening of 180 mm. The CDM30 control is applicable on all casements with a minimum height of 250 mm and a maximum weight of 80 kg. The corner drive uses a chain and ensures sturdiness and functionality over time. The scissor of the CDM30 control enables quickly locking and releasing the sash with a lug, and you can also adjust the pressure of the sash with the mechanism installed. The CDM30 control is applicable on flush or stepped profiles from 0 to 25 mm. Additional fastening mechanisms For sashes of width greater than 1200 mm, it is necessary to use one or more additional scissors. Using additional scissors does not increase the load capacity that remains at 80 kg max.


Remote manual control for opening bottom-hung casements of maximum width 1200 mm, composed of scissor, corner drive, articulated handle.


Control for bottom-hung windows and additional scissor made of extruded aluminium, stainless steel and zamak. Polyamide caps. Driving rod made of stainless steel. Extruded aluminium casing.

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07852CDM 30 - CDM 40 LINK ARMC001-C002-C003-C004-C005-C006-C007-C008-C009-C010-C012-C013-C014-C015-C016-C0173000
07853COVER PROFILE CDM 30 - CDM 40C001-C002-C003-C004-C005-C006-C007-C008-C009-C010-C012-C013-C014-C015-C016-C0173000
07851ADDITIONAL STAY CDM 30C001-C002-C003-C004-C005-C006-C007-C008-C009-C010-C012-C013-C014-C015-C016-C017> 1200