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    Elettrogiesse 9

Technical Characteristics

Hinge suitable for doors subject to intensive use (use category 4* - heavy duty use) with high resistance to fatigue and wear (durability grade 7* - 200,000 test cycles). Ideal for the assembly of doors characterized by large dimensions, heavy weight and intensive use. Adjustable in 3 directions with or without door installed: - micrometric side adjustment (±2.5 mm) with door installed, obtainable by turning the side adjustment screw located in the sash hinge cartridge. The locking grub screw on the sash hinge locks the side adjustment cartridge in the chosen position. - compression micrometric adjustment (±0.5 mm) obtainable by turning the bushing of the frame hinge (adjuster key art.05053). The locking grub screw, located on the frame hinge, locks the compression adjustment leaving access to the height adjustment. - micrometric vertical adjustment (0/+4 mm), obtainable by turning the grub screw located at the bottom of the frame hinge. Insertion of the lower plug guarantees that the height adjustment is maintained. The internal parts of the hinge are completely preassembled in two groups: • pin cartridge for side adjustment • cartridge with thrust bush for height and compression adjustments For combination with counterplate kit, with expansion dowels for single sealed unit profiles and with M12 direct fixing screws for thermal break profiles. Profile can be prepared with Ø11 mm holes (for all fixing systems) using drill templates item 03237 and item 05052. The hinge does not have screw-cover plates and is used in combination with paintable covers (purchased separately), secured to the hinge by pull screws driven from the inside and removable only with the sash open (tamper-proof). When applied to a non-flush profile, the hinge is fitted in combination with shim steps selected according to the type of fixing used for the profile: - steps with centering bushes: for counterplate kit and expansion dowels for single sealed unit profile - steps without centering bushes: for M12 direct fixing screws. and to the relative extruded aluminium concealer which combines with the cover to encase the hinge completely. * Complies with EN 1935


Surface mounting hinge, 2 or 3 wing version (Giesse patent) for heavy doors made of aluminium. Adjustable in three directions. For combination with paintable covers purchased separately. For combination with counterplate kit, with expansion dowels for single sealed unit profiles and with M12 direct fixing screw for thermal break profiles.


Up to 160 kg with two 2-wing hinges Up to 180 kg with three 2-wing hinges Up to 180 kg with two 3-wing hinges Up to 200 kg with three 3-wing hinges CE Mark in compliance EN1935


HINGE Extruded aluminium hinge bodies, anodized black Zamak pin cartridge and bush cartridge with GS Silver Plus finish (up to 500 h corrosion resistance) Ø12 pin, stainless steel Side adjustment screw made of treated steel ensuring high resistance to corrosion Thrust bush, acetal resin Grub screws and vertical adjustment setscrew, stainless steel Screw concealer plate fixing screws, zinc-coated steel Polyamide concealer caps COVER Zamak covering for hinge Cover for extruded aluminium shim steps Hinge cover fixing screws, zinc-coated steel

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SKUProduct NameCOVER codeVersionC/C distance A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Lift D (mm)Load capacity 2 hinges [kg]Load capacity 3 hinges [kg]CE MarkingCheck Comp.
05120VDOMINA HP COVER - 2 WINGS06120N2 leaf62.520.542-160180class 14
05121VDOMINA HP COVER - 3 WINGS06121N3 leaf62.520.542-180200class 14
05122VDOMINA HP COVER - 2 WINGS06122N2 leaf70.520.550-120140class 13
05125VDOMINA HP COVER - 3 WINGS06125N3 leaf7820.557.5-140160class 12
05130VDOMINA HP COVER - 2 WINGS06130N2 leaf99.54257.5-100120class 12
05131VDOMINA HP COVER - 3 WINGS06131N3 leaf99.54257.5-120140class 12
05132VDOMINA HP COVER - 2 WINGS06132N2 leaf62.520.54236160180class 13
05134VDOMINA HP COVER - 2 WINGS06134N2 leaf62.520.54227160180class 13
05135VDOMINA HP COVER - 3 WINGS06135N3 leaf62.520.54227180200class 14
05136VDOMINA HP COVER - 2 WINGS06136N2 leaf62.520.54228160180class 13
05137VDOMINA HP COVER - 3 WINGS06137N3 leaf62.520.54228180200class 14
05139VDOMINA HP COVER - 3 WINGS06139N3 leaf62.520.54230180200class 14